Affiliate marketing consists of promoting a product (physical or digital) on behalf of a company, receiving a percentage for each sale made. The whole procedure takes place on the internet! You will need to apply for an affiliate program through the merchants’ websites. Usually, you can find the link at the bottom of the landing page under the name ”Affiliate Program”.

Once you complete the process, you will receive a track-link that leads to the company product. This is called affiliate link, just copy it and paste it into your
Website. Every sale made through yours link will give you a commission!

what affiliate marketing is
Dr. Ace's tools make money with the affiliate marketing

Is it possible to make money online with the affiliate marketing?


Anything can be done if you have the right strategy and you make the work.

The problem with affiliate marketing is the same problem with every form of online business–the shiny object syndrome.



Today, there are many gurus and experts who want to teach you how to make millions of dollars weekly with affiliate marketing. As a result, many people troop into affiliate marketing, hoping to make millions with little work.

These shining object guys have distorted the reality of affiliate marketing.

Yet, affiliate marketing is set to reach $6.8 billion by 2020. This is a huge industry.

As such, you need the right strategy. This is why this website is set up to put you through the rubrics of affiliate marketing and recommends the right resources to help you in your journey.

When William J. Tobin introduced affiliate marketing in 1989, he wouldn’t have imagined the huge consequence of the concept in today’s market.

With the advent of technology, affiliate marketing is


the fastest way to give value to the people who may not be reached by the manufacturers…


Here is the point


The merchant instead of being on his own selling his product, give the opportunity to other people to promote it. Doing so, he will expand his range of potential customers. On the other side, most of the sellers make customer’s life a lot easier, either deeply reviewing products and advising others on there buying, or sometime taking services or goods of the same niche from different merchants, and grouping them up into a personal website directed only to who’s interested about that specific thing. An example of an affiliate marketing website based on this concept is the model that Amazon and E-Bay proposes to its affiliates.


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Start today your own affiliate marketing business



To become an affiliate marketer of a service or a product, you may need to fill an application form located on the merchant main page. If you are accepted, a hoplink will be sent back to you. Now, when someone will be clicking on it, the client will be redirected to the merchant main page and it will be registered as a customer we have sent. In case of a product or service purchase, you will receive a commission.

To get paid you just need an active bank account or PayPal.

If you live outside E.E.U.U. you can create a free account on Payoneer which is a virtual bank account that is very commonly used on the internet.

What investment do you need to get started?


This part is very easy to explain. There are different ways you can work in the affiliate marketing and of course, different levels of investment. You can start right away without a cent, or…



You can build up a structured business and, if you don’t have any experience, you can use a clickfunnel or a page builder to do so, it is really up to you. On this website, I will do my best to make sense of the affiliate marketing business.



Just starting up with affiliate marketing?


If you are a beginner…


  • I will show you different options you can pick to start working
  • In addition, you will understand how to find products on the internet and
  • I will give you a step by step training to achieve your goals.


On the other hand, if you already know something about the topic you can always check out my blog to read the latest news about S.E.O. tools, WordPress visual composers, WordPress affiliate’s themes, Affiliate networks and a lot more things related to the best affiliate marketing programs and tools.


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Dr.Ace'stools, investment needed to start with the affiliate marketing
Dr. Ace'stools, start working as an affiliate marketer

What do I need to start affiliate marketing?



I must warn you that making money either online or in real life is never easy and, unless you win some lottery, you will never get rich overnight.

Affiliate marketing requires lots of efforts, hours in front of the computer and creativity, but I can promise you that if you will be committed on learning, this website is the place where you will be grateful you had bumped into it. So let’s get started…





Learn from scratch with our free learning path, which is a step by step training guide for the affiliate marketer. Our informative blog will take you further in details on any topic.

The second option is to hire a freelancer to do the job for you.


The fastest way to start working as an affiliate marketer


If you want to start within 5 minutes, follow these easy steps and I will guide you through two great websites that will allow you to start right away promoting services and earn money on commissions.

I’m talking about Clickbank.com and jvzoo.com

If you want to know more about these two great platforms check out my blog with both websites’ full review.


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Find out where to buy the best hosting in the market



Let me ask you a question.

Have you got any knowledge about how to build up a landing page or an entire website? If you do, just skip this paragraph and go to the next one, if you don’t, I will suggest you stay here a little bit.





Having a business online requires a certain experience, which I will help you create, but, you have to promise me to stay focused and follow me.

In my blog, you will find a full review of all the tools that you need to get started. Since you are new in here, I want to welcome you with a gift, email me using the form below and I will send you a


free WordPress step by step e-book guide for beginners!


Learning how to use WordPress is not difficult at all.  In less time, you will have an extremely powerful tool in your hands. Thus, this will allow you to build Sales pages, Landing pages, Blogs or even an entire website. If you don’t feel like studying don’t worry about it, there is always another option…


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Learn affiliate marketing step by step

I have some experience with the affiliate marketing but I want to know more


Great!!! If you have a great deal of experience with affiliate marketing, you will find this website very useful.

Every month, we review the latest tools the market is offering to affiliates. If you want to be great in this industry and find the right technique to make money and generate a passive income with the affiliate marketing, you will need to keep yourself always updated with the latest news and we are here to do so.

You will be able to check on the latest keyword researchers tools, WordPress themes and WordPress visual composers

that are top sellers in this industry.

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