Dr Ace Tools about me

About the project

The project Dr. Ace’s Tools has born with an idea of clearly explain the concept of affiliate marketing. Behind the project, there are mainly two people, Andrew and Claudio, both Italians. 


Who we are

To begin with, let me introduce my self. I’m Andrew, and I’ve been living all my life traveling and working as a

bartender and a restaurants’ manager. I’m 38 years old and I left Italy when I was only 20. For the past 8 years, I have lived in Panama. Besides working as a bartender, I always had a strong passion for technology and the Internet in particular. Since restaurants’ management requires lots of hours of dedication, I didn’t have much time for my self.

Despite having good results in my job, which I have done for 16 years, I wasn’t happy about my lifestyle. I was Always tired and never staying with my family because of my long working hours.

As I told you before, the internet has always been a passion for me! I’ve always followed blogs written by people making money on the web. I was dreaming one day to have the possibility to do the same. The problem was just one: I didn’t have any technical knowledge and everything seems to be impossible.

As a human being, we are capable to learn everything, we just need time to focus on it. Everything can be achieved with dedication and constancy.  This is why, 2 years ago, I’ve decided to quit my job and so my comfort zone, to fully dedicate my self on learning how the internet works. What I’ve discovered completely changed my life. A completely parallel world, full of opportunities!




How Everything took place

At first, I made a list of everything I thought could be interesting. Affiliate marketing was definitely on this list. Above all, the possibility of starting my own business with limited costs was catching my attention. The Drop-shipping was in the second position, so I’ve decided to focus on these topics, especially the first one, Affiliate Marketing.

Let’s go step by step, to be able to promote or sell a product on the web, I need some technical skills. I have to learn how to build a website, I thought. Since I didn’t have a clue on how to do it, I’ve probably lost the entire month only trying to understand what do I had to study! After a Month I’ve discovered WordPress and, for the following 2 months, I tried to learn as much as I could about it. Then I’ve started to meet some customers interested in building a website and, selling my services at a reasonable price, I was able to practice and get paid to do it. After a few months, I surely had a better vision of the whole topic and this is when I’ve started to study any kind of possibility of making money with the affiliate marketing.




Teaming up

At the other side of the City, there is Claudio, 25 years old, Italian that have lived half of his life abroad. Claudio and I, we met while I was creating a website for one of his friends. He’s an experienced digital illustrator, he has a degree in Marketing and a few years of experience, working with amazing results. The most important thing is that he’s passionate about affiliate marketing too. He was already working on some projects into affiliate marketing. He was able to explain to me some of the doubts that I had about it, giving me a better panorama.




Two people with different skills and the same vision.

Claudio and I started straight away working hard as affiliate marketers together. Starting from just promoting on social media some Clickbank’s product, learning more about affiliate marketing day by day. We started running campaigns using ClickFunnels, quickly try out business opportunities using Wix to build websites in the fastest and cheapest way that was possible. We didn’t become millionaires, neither we have tons of money but, nowadays, we make our living this way.

With now one-year experience in working together into the affiliate marketing, we came to a conclusion. It would have been a lot easier when we started if someone would have told us about the right path to follow. This is why we have decided to create this Website. This is exactly what we wanted someone to tell us right from the beginning. Again, the exact guide we wish we could have followed.




Why Dr. Ace?

To summarize, we don’t see the need for showing our faces to everybody. If someone is interested in talking to us via email or even with a Skype meeting we don’t have any problems on showing who we are. It’s just the public thing that doesn’t go with us. Consequently, we thought that a neutral figure would have been a good option.




Why should you take advantage of our affiliate marketing guide?

Dracestools.com is not our main job, it’s a passion, it’s like a diary that we always want to confess our secrets to. We are also running our own Web Studio ( www.freelancerstroop.com ), and doing several affiliate marketing projects that we will talk about it through the website’s pages.

In conclusion, we are here to help people finding the right tools to work as succesfull affiliates. We are obviously making money from the affiliate links that are inside the website, but again, there is work behind it. Most of the products that we describe are incredibly useful, they can literally save you days of work. On top of that, they have one-month money back guaranteed plan, just in case you realize that this is not for you.

When we discover a new product, we test it and then we write about it. We really hope that you’ll enjoy the information you will get out of this blog. In case you want us to analyze a specific product please feel free to contact us.

Remember that if you will decide to use our affiliate links, most of the time, you will receive a discount on your buy.


Thank you for taking the time to read about us.


Andrew and Claudio ( Dracestools.com)