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Affiliate marketing consists of promoting a product (physical or digital) on behalf of a company, receiving a percentage for each sale made. The whole procedure takes place on the internet! You will need to apply for an affiliate program through the merchants’ websites. Usually, you can find the link at the bottom of the landing page under the name ”Affiliate Program”. In this guide, you can find direct links to the products sign up page. In just a few clicks you will be able to apply for the related affiliate program. Once you complete the process, you will receive a track-link that leads to the company product. This is called affiliate link, just copy it and paste it into your Website. Every sale made through yours link will give you a commission!

What’s the Learning Path about?

This is the learning path, a guide I created thanks to my research. It’s for those who want to start working in affiliate marketing or for those who want to simply discover new options and useful tools.

In this guide we will discuss the following points:


1- Find a niche to work on (which product do you want to promote?).

2- Where to find products to promote and how to do it without a website

3- Creation of funnels and prefabricated web pages (for those who want to create their site without having any knowledge or experience in this branch).

4- WordPress, best themes and tools (for the creation of more structured pages).

5- Useful marketing tools. ( S.E.O., Email MArketing, S.E.M., etc.)


Let’s begin! If any doubts or wishes arise for a specific topic, contact me!


1. Affiliate Marketing Niches

To begin with, let’s decide what niche to promote

find a niche to promote

To begin with, we need to focus our attention on what niche we want to promote. In this step, I will walk you through what I consider being the most profitable affiliate marketing niches. Especially if you are a newbie, you will find this extremely interesting. So, let’s see together where to find the best niches to promote as an affiliate marketer.

2.ClickBank & Jvzoo

Affiliate marketing with no costs and no experience required

Clickbank and jvzoo, affiliate marketing

Here is the most simple way to do affiliate marketing, ClickBank and Jvzoo offer a vast range of products divided by category.  Just copy and paste the Hopelink you will get in as many places you can. You will usually receive a very long url that most of the time would look unusual once being posted. You can shorten it using this amazing tool, just copy and paste your link inside and get a lot more presentable link.

Enter a long URL to make tiny:

For further information about ClickBank and Jvzoo please check out our blog.

3.Click Funnel

An easy way to build up a landing page for your affiliate marketing business

clickfunnels, affiliate marketing

If you want to sell a lot faster and be more organized on your affiliate marketing business but you don’t feel like building up a website, the best option for you is to use a click funnel. A Click Funnel is basically a tool that helps you out building a descriptive or a sale landing page. This will help you up building a mailing list, a powerful sale tool, and a method to always be in touch with your followers.

To better know about the best Click Funnels the market is offering check out our blog by clicking below.

4.Page Builders

Build up your Website and organize your marketing strategy with no experience required

Shopify page builder

If you are selling multiple products and you want to group them up, but you don’t have any knowledge about how to build up a website, then your best option it would be to use a Page Builder. A Page Builder is a complete website’s builder made for who does not have any experience at all on using a computer to do so. Nowadays you can choose in between quite a few good products that we are deeply reviewing in our blog.


Start learning about WordPress

Learn about WordPress 2019

The best way to fully control your affiliate marketing business it’s to learn how to use WordPress ( I want to remind you that you can receive a totally free WordPress step by step learning e-book by subscribing to my newsletter) and build up a website on your own without using a Page builder. This will give you absolute full control of your website, you will be able to completely customize your design too.

6.Hosting & Domain

If you go for WordPress then you will need to buy Hosting and Domain on your own

siteground hosting

If you decide to go for WordPress you will need to buy Hosting and Domain. This is a crucial choice because is the foundations of your entire business. I definitely suggest to buy them both, hosting and domain, on Siteground. You can read more about Siteground and a few other valid choices inside my blog.

Anyway, there are a few more valid options to buy Hosting and Domain from reliable suppliers. Let’s find out more about the topic.

7.WordPress Themes

Best WordPress themes for Affiliate Marketers

wordpress themes

If you already know how to use WordPress, from now on, I will show you the latest tools the market is offering us to make things a lot easier. Let’s start talking about WordPress themes related to Affiliate Marketing. If you are building up a shop, or your Website is listing some products, the best way to organize them is to download the best theme according to your website’s style.

Check out my blog to better know about the latest WordPress themes available in the market and where to find them.

8.WordPress Visual Composers

Visually build up any type of WordPress website

WORDPRESS VISUAL COMPOSER, affiliate marketing

Let’s now talk about WordPress Visual Composers. A visual composer gives you the possibility to build up directly on WordPress the website you always dreamed about! Nowadays nobody wants to go through codes when it comes to building up a Website. The main reason is that it requires lots of studying and also because once the page is up would be a lot more complicated when it comes to making some changes.

I’m here to show you which are the best Visual Composers 2019 is offering us.


Importance of S.E.O. and marketing tools

semrush, marketing tool

It’s very important for your SEO ( search engine optimization ) to point at the right Keywords when it comes to writing a new article or even a whole website. To find them up you can do manual research but it will take you ages. Here, i will show you some softwares that are indispensable if you want to work fast, well, and organized. 

10.Email Auto Responders

Stay in touch with your Customers

sendinblue email marketing

When it comes to sell or promote something, you must be focused on two things, being organized and always remind your customers that you are there to help them out. It’s absolutely a must to install into your website an email auto responder. First, it will allow you to bulk send yours news letters, and then, it will give you a full panorama about who’s following your Website. Here is a few products I’m using and I’ve used in past that I want to recommend you.

11.Affiliate programs

( Only for professionals Affiliate Marketers)

A proper office online keeping track of all your commissions

Tapfiliate, affiliate programs

If you own a product and you want to sell it fast, then the best option could be recruiting affiliates. Doing so, people will start marketing your product all around the web. These affiliate programs allow you to provide affiliate links and accordingly set and track commissions that you are paying to your referrals.

12.Affiliate Networks

Hundreds of products to choose from

affiliate marketing, affiliate networks

Affiliate networks are great for both, beginners and pro affiliate marketers.

If you want to be an affiliate marketer you can choose from hundreds of products divided into categories

If you own a product you could find thousands of affiliate ready to promote it.

In both cases, an application form must be filled to be accepted. If you want to know more about the best affiliate networks in 2019, check out my blog by clicking below and read my review about the topic.

This article can be useful if you are taking your first steps into affiliate marketing and can also be extremely helpful if you are already an expert.

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