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If you have a product and you want affiliates to be able to promote it then you need an Affiliate Program.

To begin with, affiliate programs, give you the possibility of providing track links to your affiliates. Once you give to someone the track link to promote your product you will be able to follow up with your affiliate results and, accordingly to preset terms, give out the commission. We are in front of an extremely useful marketing tool. If you can give out a good offer, then people will start promoting it all around the web. If the results are good enough to attract more affiliate that wants to join your program, then at some point, you can even apply to be part of an affiliate network.

Here, below, I will list you what I consider being the best Affiliate programs at the moment.



Tapfiliate is a cloud-based affiliate tracking software. In brief, it enables you to set up, track & optimize your own affiliate programs. To begin with, Tapfiliate is quite easy. All you have to do is to pick among a few plans offered by the program. Each plan has its peculiar features.

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Subsequently, one distinguishing feature of Tapfiliate is that it offers a free trial period for testing all projects. In other words, once you start the free trial, you can use the software for two weeks. This is with no extra expenses. Finally, you can choose a plan of your linking when your trial is over.

This is a good affiliate marketing program. It can easily improve your efforts. On top of it, you can get started at no cost. I would advise you check it out before reviewing others in the list. This is because this is a list of the best tools, and it may get overwhelming deciding on a tool. If you are not yet convinced, here are additional reasons to choose Tapfiliate:

  • Simple to use. In other words, everything is in one dashboard. For instance, It is easily installed with shopping carts to provide a real-time performance report.
  • Affiliate management. LinkTrust allows tracking of affiliates marketing efforts and performance.
  • Campaign management. It allows tracking of calls, leads, and sales across all of the marketing channels.
  • Customizable lead validation. Lead management captures, validates and manages your online leads. Furthermore, you can optimize your leads.
  • Fraud detection. Fraud detection detects and prevents any fraudulent activities from happening.
  • Real-time reporting. LinkTrust allows you to direct different geo-location users to specific landing pages. In other words, this improves the customer experience.
  • Mobile tracking. This allows you to track user engagement with real-time mobile reporting.


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Post Affiliate Pro

This is a highly rated affiliate software based on 300+ reviews on 3 independent software marketplaces & review platforms (G2 Crowd, Capterra, GetApp). Post Affiliate Pro has all the features that an affiliate manager might ever need. PAP is very reasonably priced and is a really solid pick if you’re looking for an affiliate platform.

With PAP, you can easily create private campaigns. This helps you to select those who can see and manage certain tasks.


To begin with, it supports all kinds of affiliate links. In addition, you can use Post Affiliate Pro if you want to:

  • Allow multiple currencies.
  • Protect against fraudulent transactions.
  • Create private campaigns which allow only certain affiliates to view and manage. Generally, all campaigns are public. As a result, everyone can see and promote them.
  • Split commission. This is a new feature that has been added to Post Affiliate Pro.
  • Text link banners, HTML banners, and image banners are some new additions.
  • Discount coupons.
  • Multilingual support.


This platform is good if you want to grow your affiliate marketing revenue.

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Post Affiliate Pro is an affiliate tracking software with a lot of features that are targeted toward affiliate beginners as well as professionals who want to build a reliable affiliate marketing program for their business.

To use this software, you can make a one-time purchase or pay-as-you-go.

It runs an entire affiliate program from top to bottom. It does not process financial transactions but offers easy integration with most payment processors and shopping carts.

These two: Tapfiliate and Post Affiliate Pro are highly recommended.

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Here are other affiliate programs that you may consider:


LinkTrust is known for its outstanding customer support. It functions as both an affiliate and digital marketing software. This gives you access to the payouts, content, and also analytics from ads, devices, products, and even offers.

Its simple interface lets you track all types of ads through pixels, server posts, cookies, mobile traffic, and more. In addition, it has has a simple interface that tracks all types of offline and online advertising. Subsequently, this is achieved through cookies, CPA, CC, and pixels.



Everflow is a campaign management platform for all of your mobile marketing channels and affiliate marketing campaign. It has a good user interface. Everflow is very easy to use. It contains all you need to do all your activities. To begin with, here are a few advanced features of Everflow that you should consider:

  • Fraud Prevention. In this case, you can catch fraudulent placements and block their clicks from reaching your partners.
  • Fully exposed API 100 percent of the time. You can quickly connect to advertisers and publishers via API with powerful controls.
  • In addition, Everflow offers the following:
    • In-Depth analytics are a great feature.
    • Ease of use and detailed reporting make tracking great.
    • The ease of use and the functionalities all combined into one

In short, you can use Everflow to report to the UI at the network and individual user level.



AffTrack is a click tracking system that allows you to create an affiliate network. With AffTrack, you can look for clients, monitor clicks and other activities, and even send bills and invoices.

AffTrack gives you access to unlimited clicks. To begin with, its amazing features will allow you to easily scale up your affiliate marketing business. For instance, it is being leveraged by the top affiliate networks.

AffTrack has multiple packages that suit each clients’ needs.

With AffTrack, marketers can monitor customer’s clicks even when they are not on their desktop or laptop computers. The application can fit the screen of any device. Thus, you do not need to install the desktop app.

In addition, you have access to the following features:

  • Prospect management CRM.
  • Geo-targeting.
  • Client-side tracking.
  • Cookieless tracking is a plus point.

Coupled with its advance mobile-friendly features, it has an instant invoice and billing options.



It is currently used by over 11,500 online businesses. For examples, global brands such as Social, Living Social, and Zynga, among others currently use HasOffers. HasOffers is a performance marketing app for creating your own mobile and/or desktop ad network. This affiliate marketing software provides a complete 2 way API, 24/7 email, chat, and phone support. In addition, it helps in maintaining activity fraud score. Presently, they offer multiple currencies.

HasOffers does not impose any signup fees or contracts to sign. To get started, you pay per month based on the features and the volume of traffic on your network. For the same fee, you get reliable customer support.

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Impact Radius

This is an excellent affiliate marketing software. For instance, it allows call tracking. Also, Impact Radius Ad hosting is very easy to use. In addition, it is simple, elegant and flexible.

With this tool in hand, your affiliate revenue will be improved. Through its products, you get good returns on your ad budget. For instance, the company helps the second largest greeting card company drive sales.

As you begin using this tool, you would find that the tasks are becoming easier to handle. Their support team is always ready to answer you.

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With CAKE, you can easily manage all your tasks.

CAKE lets you manage all your affiliate tasks. With this tool in hand, your affiliate marketing will be easier than ever before. For instance, CAKE allows you to track, attribute and improve adverts in real-time. In addition, it is a simple and easy-to-use tool. The dashboard allows a view of the overall performance of your networks, managing contacts and analyzing results.

Navigation and Reports are easy to read. Also, there is accurate reporting of the information that is necessary for you to do your job accurately.



This is a huge list of affiliate marketing programs. It can be a bit stressful trying to pick one. However, they are all excellent tools. You shouldn’t waste time picking any of these tools. They are all recommended. If you still can’t pick one, go for Tapfiliate. Tapfiliate is easy to use. Also, you do not need to pay before starting. You can sign up for the free trial. After which, you can pick any of the plans.

As you move up the affiliate marketing ladder, you would find that the tasks are becoming more difficult to handle. To become effective, you need tools that will help you to manage your tasks. This article has dealt well with the best tools on the market.

With these tools in hand, your affiliate marketing will be easier than ever before. You can always come back to this post while selecting your tools so that you can find the best tools for your business.

Which tools are you using for your affiliate marketing management? Please let me know in the comment section below.



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