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SendinBlue Review

What SendinBlue is?


SendinBlue is a powerful and economic tool to follow up on email marketing. To begin with, if you want to promote or sell products online you need to focus on growing an email list. As a rule, the more people we reach out in a marketing campaign, the more profit we make. Realistically, without a tool like SendinBlue it would be impossible to create a proper email list or campaign.

I’m writing this article for people who already have some experience in Affiliate Marketing or selling online. If you are not as experienced I suggest you go back to my Learning Path and pick an easier topic.

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Let’s go back now to email marketing and its tools. It doesn’t matter if you have the best product in the world if nobody knows it then nobody buys it. I have heard this sentence thousands of times and do you know what? It’s true.

Since I love to search for new tools around the internet and I was needing one email marketing software for this website, I’ve decided to look for different options and then write a review of the top tools I could find. And here I am!

Today I will talk to you about SendinBlue and its functions.




Create an attractive newsletter campaign


With SendinBlue it’s very easy to create a newsletters campaign. In fact, you will be using an amazing drag & drop system that it’s totally user-friendly. In just a matter of minutes, you will be able to design an outstanding email template. All of this just following a few easy steps, you don’t need any previous experience. Everything it’s already mobile responsive so you don’t need to do anything else. You can check the final version of your newsletter for smartphones, tablets, and computer with the preview mode and quickly do any change.


SendinBlue Template Gallery

If you are not creative, well, let me tell you to don’t worry. That’s a skill that you don’t need! Sendinblue offers you a template gallery to take inspiration from. According to your business, you can choose between several customizable newsletter templates available. There are around 70 formats you can choose from.


Easily create subscription forms

Another feature I want to point at, it’s how easy you can create and integrate a subscription form to your Website.

For this, SendinBlue has an intuitive and powerful subscription form editor built in. Even if It’s better to use some CSS’ basics skills to give a sign-up form a better look, I can tell it’s very easy to use.

In addition, you can personalize your SendinBlue forms with your colors and fonts, choose a background image and add your brand’s logo. Apart from this, you can add customized fields to collect more information about your contacts (phone number, age, city, etc.).

Now, when you have everything ready, it’s very easy to connect Sendinblue with your website or app. An easy tutorial will guide you through the process.


Monitor your email campaign performance

With SendinBlue you can easily track the number of clicks your email campaign has generated. Furthermore, you can also check from where are people reading you. Compared to other similar software, this is probably the easiest to use when it comes to the Analytics part. Also, an amazing heat-map will show you exactly where people are clicking the most on your website. Don’t you know what a heat map is? here is how it looks:


Heat map sendinblue e-mail marketing


Amazing user experience.

With SendinBlue you can divide your contacts into lists and choose what to send according to interests. Also, when someone’s subscribing, you can set a confirmation email, so the follower can be notified and confirm on his side. Generally, it’s better to integrate a CAPTCHA confirmation to ensure the authenticity of your contact’s subscription. In just a few clicks you can set one. In the end, you can Redirect your contacts to a landing page of your choice to thank them for the subscription. Together with the previous features, SendinBlue offers 3 different subscription processes: opt-in, opt-in with email confirmation, or double opt-in.


SendinBlue Price List

Here it comes the best part. When I first got to know SendinBlue I was literally surprised with the pricing. I personally think that it’s very cheap for what it offers. First of all, the software it’s free until 300 emails per day. This will give you the opportunity to first try out your campaigns. You will need to validate your account before to start using it. Don’t worry about it, are just some simple steps really well explained. In the end, here below, I’m sharing the price list with you:


Pricing sendinblue Pricing



What was I using before discovering SendinBlue and why did I change?

Before discovering SendinBlue I was using MailChimp. Why did I change? First of all SendinBlue it’s crazily cheaper!! In short, you can easily compare both prices and quickly realize that we are talking about half costs! On top of this SendinBlue gives a better user experience with an extremely user-friendly interface. Have a look here below


SendinBlue vs Mailchimp


The difference Its incredible as you can see!


Organize your Facebook campaign trough SendinBlue

By the way, this last feature has been added in 2019! You can totally organize your Facebook campaign directly in SendinBlue! With a few clicks, and the built-in drag and drop builder, you can organize your Facebook’s posts and track the campaign. Obviously, this feature it’s only available with the Premium Plan.


In conclusion, let me tell you that I’m extremely happy about my choice. Anyway, I admit that there are several other valid Email marketing software on the internet. For my taste and for my usage, this one is the one I like the most. If you want to know more about email marketing you can click here.

In the future, I will keep posting about the topic, analyzing ner upcoming tools. I hope this can be helpful to you!

If you want to check out the company main page you can click here.


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