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In designing your website for affiliate marketing, you will need a theme. WordPress themes make it easier to design a website. There are many WordPress themes, but they are mostly designed for blogging. Hence, it may be difficult to find the right theme for your affiliate website.

In this article, I am going to show you the best WordPress themes for Affiliate Marketing. Some of these themes offer affiliate services, so you can resell them and make some profits.



What is it?

StudioPress has some of the world’s most popular mobile-responsive themes and design framework for WordPress. IN addition, StudioPress allows you to use the Genesis Framework to build your WordPress website. The Genesis Framework integrates all of the SEO, security, and performance features needed to help you have the best site possible.


What are the pros?

  • The Framework is structured well and updated frequently.

StudioPress built the Genesis Framework (so they’re reliable). Unlike other themes that break down when you update your WordPress website, the Genesis Framework is solid, and all themes are mobile responsive + HTML5.

  • Their themes load extremely fast

All themes offered by StudioPress are lightweight themes. In other words, they are load quickly. Fast load times means less technical issues. As a result, your website’s SEO is improved.

  • Excellent Support

StudioPress is a reputable company. For instance, when you buy one of their themes, you become a member of their community. As a result, you gain access to their technical support. StudioPress comes with Genesis plugins, setup instructions, and documentation. Also, you have access to their support forum and many tutorials.

  • Solid features and dedicated plugins

Some of their themes can be used by the visually or hearing impaired. In addition, all of their themes and plugins are regularly updated. Hence, you can create any type of websites with the Genesis framework. Also, returning customers get a nice discount off future purchases on StudioPress.


What are the cons?

  • It is expensive for some

It is expensive for Affiliate Marketers who do not have a large budget.

  • You need to know how to install themes

Unlike other themes, you may find it harder to install StudioPress themes. Also, less built-in features mean more dependability on plugins. Hence, you must be able to install plugins to utilize their themes fully.


Why am I recommending it?

If you’re looking for a high-quality, secure WordPress theme for your website, then you should use themes from StudioPress. All of their themes come with a strong foundation that helps increase popularity, have enough design and functionality for creating a competitive website. Also, they are also easy to use. In other words, anyone can use it irrespective of whether you have a good knowledge of website development or not.


Recommended StudioPress Theme for affiliate marketers

Digital Pro is very good for affiliate marketers:

  • It is very light and dynamic
  • Also, it is simple and easy to use even for people without coding experience.
  • You can edit the header.
  • In addition, the theme is good on mobile
  • Finally, it has three integrated widget areas which you can increase.


Other Popular StudioPress themes include:


If you want to get access to the entire StudioPress themes and plugin collection click on the banner below.





What is it?

Envato is based in Australia. They are a huge network of workers from all over the world who are committed to providing high-quality creative works. Their most popular site is ThemeForest—which is a marketplace for WordPress Themes and Plugins.


What is the pro?

  • Themes for any niche

Envato has themes for all niches. In other words, this makes it easy for you to design your affiliate website.


What is the con?

  • Lacking in Updates

WordPress does updates regularly. However, ThemeForest authors do not often keep pace with WordPress updates. This means certain themes and plugins may not function well on the latest versions of WordPress.


Why am I recommending it?

The Envato marketplace is perfect for website owners who want unique designs and plugins for their websites.


Recommended Envato Theme for an affiliate marketing website


Avada is a good theme for Affiliate Marketers. It has amazing designs for your website without any form of coding from you.

For instance, the width of the layout can be adjusted to suit any device. Also, it also a Fusion Page builder plugin that allows it to build the site with little input from the user.

This theme also works effectively with WooCommerce, The Events Calendar, bbPress, Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms and other popular well-built plugins. As an affiliate marketer who wants the best, the Avada theme is a good choice.


Other Popular Envato themes include:

  • Sugan
  • BeTheme
  • Newspaper
  • Jupiter
  • Bridge



Elegant Themes

What is it?

Elegant Themes have a large portfolio of attractive themes, a selection of powerful plugins, and an active user community. Currently, Elegant Themes offer 87 WordPress themes and five plugins.


What are the pros?

  • Very simple to use and no coding skills required

Divi page builder is one of the simplest page builders around. In other words, you can work with it without any coding experience.

  • Excellent Support

Members of Elegant Themes receive regular updates and support. Hence, their themes are always compatible with the latest version of WordPress. In addition, ET members have access to Elegant Themes support channels.

  • It is cheap

With access to over 80 themes and plugins for only $89, Elegant Themes offer the cheapest access to WordPress themes. In addition, you get a 30-day risk-free money back guarantee.


What are the cons?

  • Of all Elegant Themes, Divi and Extra are the only themes that are regularly updated.
  • There are not many plugins
  • Also, advanced website developers may find the drag and drop builder a bit inadequate.


Why am I recommending it?

Elegant Themes give you access to 87 themes, 3 plug-ins, and lifetime updates. This is one of the best deals you can have. In addition, Elegant Themes are easy to use regardless of your experience.


Recommended Elegant Theme for an affiliate marketing website


Divi theme is a powerful theme from elegant themes. If you want to build an affiliate marketing site, Divi theme is the best for you.

It is different from the rest because it is very easy to work with. They also have exceptional customer support including Facebook support.

Get yourself a Divi theme builder if you want:

  • want a tool that offers you in-line editing,
  • need a functional A/B testing module,
  • want to be able to import/export layouts,


Other Popular Elegant Themes for Affiliate Marketers

  • Extra
  • Chameleon
  • Foxy
  • Fable




What is it?

Nobuna is a third party brand that offers premium WordPress themes, plugins, and Woo-Commerce plugin store distributing through General public license (GLP). As a result, Nobuna is able to give discounts on premium WordPress themes and plugins.


What are the pros?

  • Great Access For An Affordable Price

Nobuna is popular among website owners because of its low price and many benefits that it has. For a low fee, you have access to more than 2500 premium products. These products would be costlier if you got them from the original developers. However, this access is for a limited time. You need to become a club member to have an all-year access to the over 2500 themes and plugins.

  • Club membership option

If you want to build many WordPress websites but have little money, you may want to go for the Nobuna’s club membership. It costs only $69 annually.

  • Wide selection of plugins

The access to over 2500 premium products allows you to choose from good plugins that can improve your affiliate website. As a result, you can test different plugins until you find the right one.

  • Quality and genuine products

The active premium subscription membership ensures there are only original products on Nobuna. Also, these themes and plugins are all distributed through the Nobuna store.

  • You can use it in multiple websites

Nobuna allows you to use their themes for as many times as you want. You can share the themes with others. This is really a great catch.


What is the con?

  • Little or No support

Since you are purchasing themes and plugins from a third-party platform, you do not have access to the developers. As a result, you may not be able to get support in case you experience any issues while installing or using the themes.


Why am I recommending it?

Nobuna is good for those who are new to WordPress websites and have little money for premium themes and plugins. In addition, you have access to themes from other marketplaces like Evanto and StudioPress.


If you want to have a closer look at how Nobuna works, then, click here.



WordPress has a lot of amazing themes for different webmasters in different fields. In other words, Affiliate marketers who are serious about making money from their affiliate activities should pay a lot of attention to the kind of WordPress themes they use in building their affiliate websites. It has to have certain functionalities.

In conclusion, a good affiliate website should be interactive and responsive to devices.





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